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Welcome to Rent Inland. On this page we will provide you with some important information about renting or buying a property in the area. At Rent Inland we mainly cover the Guadalhorce valley, specifically Alhaurin el Grande and Coín, the two main market towns in the area. Guaro, Monda, Alozaina and Villafranco are smaller villages that we also work in.

Long term Rentals

Long term rental contracts are usually for 11 months and can be renewed at the end by mutual agreement. A one month refundable deposit is also required before moving in. On top of the rent advertised are the utility bills, and, depending on the property, these include:  electric (on meter), water (on meter), rubbish collection (bill/quarter), community fees in Urbanizations.  If you rent a property with private pool, you will normally be responsible for the maintenance. The monthly rent and utility bills are paid directly to the owner, either in cash or by bank transfer, as agreed between you at time of signing the contract.

Internet can be installed almost everywhere now with a selection of companies offering wireless internet services in places where there are no landlines. Contracts with these suppliers will be in your name and payments come out of your Spanish bank account.

When you find your house and have discussed and agreed the terms with the owner you sign the contract with agreed conditions, start date etc – and both parties sign and you pay the deposit (normally the one month). This secures the property – you can start packing and the owner can prepare the property for your arrival. On the day of moving in, the inventory (with  electric/water readings) is checked and signed by both parties. You pay the first month’s rent and get the keys and full access to your new home.

Buying a property

If, like many people moving to the area, you are looking for a country house with some land (finca) you will have heard plenty of stories about illegal buildings. It’s important to understand that in Spain, and especially Andalucía, there are degrees of legality with regards to houses. The good news is that many properties have now legalised their paperwork through the allowed channels created by the Junta de Andalucía and applied by the local town halls. We all assume that this process will continue so that as many houses that are already built in the country side will be not only able to remain but also be fully legal and have all their paperwork in order. The properties we list at rentinland.com will all be registered with the land registry and be paying their rates (IBI). Your lawyer will advise you on the details of any particular property.

Now is an excellent time to buy with many properties reduced dramatically for quick sale, so you will be able to find the house that is just right for you at a good price.