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RiS 74 Rustic finca on country lane near Coín – 120,000€

24 August, 2015
  • 80 m²
  • 2 Beds
  • 1 Garage
  • 1 Baths
  • Furnished
  • NoMortgage

This finca is still in production with over 5,000m² of walnut trees giving a reasonable income each year of about 5,000€. The gently sloping land goes up from the road with a well established allotment leading into the walnut trees and all sorts of other fruit trees. At the top there is a large 20,000 litre storage tank to manage the irrigation of the land which is all automatic and is supplied by the local irrigation system most of the year. From this vantage point there are magnificent views across the Rio Grande valley. Another 12,000 litre storage tank provides water further down the finca and the whole system is designed to work with the minimum input. The finca has a track running through it and two buildings, one on the side with the walnut trees is a store shed for the walnuts and measures 36m². Sturdily built with strong foundations it could be converted into a dwelling. The actual house is on the other side of the track and is a much more typical old Andalucian country house. Coming in from the road is a lovely shady terrace covered in vines with lots of grapes, with a BBQ area and outside kitchen. The main house has a living room and two bedrooms. There is a small bathroom and a store shed round the back. Another shed on the side of the house has another water deposit of 4,500 litres to hold water from the irrigation system. There is mains electric and the water supply is only from the irrigation channels.

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