Until a few years ago Málaga was a town on the North-East side of Picasso Airport. The majority of tourists would not visit it due to lack of information and infrastructure but all that has now changed.

Málaga today is one of the best cities in the world to live in and visit, it is by right the capital of the Costa del Sol.

Thanks to massive investments by private enterprise, local authorities and regional government, Málaga enjoys an infrastructure second to none. The high speed train takes thousands of daily passengers to and from Madrid in less than three hours, dozens of cruise ships are dropping anchor in the harbour every month and many companies are planning to make Málaga their permanent base.

The Picasso Museum has received an average of one million visitors per year since 2003 and the CAC Museum of Contemporary Art is at the cutting edge of Europe’s modern art.

It is not unusual to walk into the pedestrian city centre and see hundreds of recently landed tourists mixing with hundreds of young international students, who choose Málaga to study anything from languages to law, giving the city an exciting and vibrant atmosphere.

All this coupled with it’s near perfect climate, beautiful beaches, great eating places ( traditional, modern and ethnic), superb theatres and of course the many festivals (from religious to jazz to film and book) guarantees that whichever month one decides to visit Málaga there will always be something exciting happening.


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